MD, MPH, LTC (Ret), US Army


You Don't Need to be a Soldier in Hostile Territory to Benefit from this Discovery

Improved Brain Health is for Everyone!

What I'm going to share with you today has the potential to revolutionize the human brain/body connection entirely. I'm not trying to be dramatic. I AM trying to get your attention. Come with me for a moment...

Imagine that your patients aren't civilians. Pretend they're not wrestling with parent-teacher conferences, mini-vans, and mortgages. 

Imagine your patients are soldiers - deployed far from home, enduring mental and physical stress at new levels, eating the typical American diet (as many of us do) not for nutrition, but for comfort.


Now, imagine you are personally responsible for the health of these nearly three thousand active duty military, in a hostile environment, while they surrender to their worst impulses around food, nicotine, and other negative forces. 

Pair that with knowing these individuals represent the best of America's fighting forces
- and a review of both what is consumed in the dining hall and specific biomarkers of cell health and brain function, leads to critical conclusions about the impact of these choices had on mission readiness and Soldier physical/mental well-being.


That's exactly where I found myself in 2009 and 12 months in Iraq was looking like a long assignment - for the soldiers, their bodies, and their Doctor.

Something Had to Be Done

I realized that all of my education and experience had prepared me to deal with illness, injury and preventive healthcare- not promote optimum resilience and performance. If people were sick, I could see it in x-rays, lab results, and EKG's. But no test existed to measure the slow, insidious decay of mental clarity, focus, and the smoldering cellular inflammation we observed across the unit. 

So I set out to create a measuring method - 3 months of long days and longer nights. My goal was to finish the protocol and get it approved with enough time to get laptops and fatty acid test kits out to test 100 Soldiers before my tour was over.

I met the deadline and the tests went out to troops scattered at 3 different bases around Iraq. It was the biggest challenge of my life...but also the most rewarding.

The Test Worked!!

The results demonstrated significant imbalances in the key ratio of specific Omega-6s to Omega-3s and a massive deficiency in critical long chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids such as EPA/DHA. Moreover, they correlated in astonishing fashion to their level of brain function in critical areas such as memory, attention, speed, and flexibility. This study shifted the conversation within the Army and put Soldier resilience and performance as a critical objective of proper nutrition back at home or in battle.

I soon realized my mission was only beginning...


Today, I am committed to sharing this critical information with the American public. Your patients may not be in a battlefield far away from home, but every day our cells are fighting a nutritional crisis...and unfortunately for most, they are quickly outnumbered. My goal is two-fold:

  • Arm the practitioner (you) interested in creating compliance and true wellness with a critical integrated assessment. 
  • Ensure the test is cost-effective for all Americans and integrates easily with provider workflows.

What began as my desperate search for a better way is now a simple testing protocol that you and your patients can follow - no tour of duty required.

Let me introduce the
BrainSpan Core Assessment

The BrainSpan Core Assessment contains two parts: 

  1. Finger-stick Blood Test - BrainSpan's Dried Blood Spot test is one of the very few fatty acid tests that correlates 98% to whole blood RBC testing done with the same lab where over 200 studies have validated the method and stability of our results. Specially treated, proprietary cards ensure fatty acids are stable for 30 days and technique does not require patient fasting like most other labs.
  2. Cognitive Function Test - This computer or iPad-administered assessment is powered by the Brain Resource® International Database, a scientifically and clinically validated tool utilized by a research network of over 350 scientists. The assessment measures brain capacity for sustained attention, memory capacity, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility. Your results show how you rank compared to others at the same age.

BrainSpan offers the only validated, integrated, and proven compliance building methodology that will have both your nutritional practice and patient loyalty soaring. To date, it is the only tool validated to improve fatty acid levels and nutritional compliance at an average of 60+% with an associated improvement of brain function of 30%.

BrainSpan is available only through licensed healthcare professionals, like yourself.  You can have access to this impactful test for use on both yourself and your patients. The BrainSpan assessment offers a fantastic tool to improve the lives of your patients and the health of your practice.

Improving the health of trillions of cells undoubtedly has a profound influence on the brain and body.

 Help patients experience a higher quality of life, not just a longer one.

Brain function defines our quality of life. It is who we are, how we think and feel and enables us to have memories and social connections. It is our human potential. The expected rate of change across lifespan is a fact that we can reliably measure and track...and hence, leverage to create engagement, loyalty, and change.

Our BrainSpan defines our future predicted life quality and potential.

BrainSpan Professional Trial Kit Program

No other clinical diagnostic comes close
to the ROI of BrainSpan.

7 Metrics

3 cell fatty acid markers to include RBC Omega-3 Index, AA/EPA Cell Ratio, Cell Palmitic Acid and 4 cognitive functional indices including memory, speed, focus/attention, and flexibility. 

Simple Trial Kit Program

No long term contracts, commitments or hassles. Your personal experience with BrainSpan will speak for itself. We don't need strings.

Results in Beautiful, 10-page Report​

Highly engaging, easily understood, graphically illustrated 10 page narrative report. The report includes trend analysis, the predicted functional decline rate, and provide personalized, evidence based nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Easy Practice Implementation

Simple, low cost, seamless integration into any practice type. BrainSpan offers a complete package and platform to house your reporting. Powerpoint classes for patients, digital graphics/artwork, CE and webinars are all included.

BrainSpan Core Assessment retails for $199.


As a licensed health care professional, we have individually packaged trial kits for only $99 as a professional courtesy.

Free Shipping and Handling for a limited time.

The BrainSpan Trial Kit Program offers a full 90-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

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